The Associated Barber College of San Diego’s purpose is to educate men and women in the field of barbering. Our mission is to instruct students in the barbering field with hands-on techniques and classroom theory so that our graduates will be prepared to pass the California State Barber exam for an entry level position of employment in the barber industry.


Dominick Nenna founded Associated Barber College in 1927. Mr. Joseph J. Roccoforte, the current owner and Director, attended Associated Barber College in 1960. In 1972, Mr. Roccoforte purchased Downtown LA Barber College and successfully directed his Los Angeles campus until 1989. Mr. and Mrs. Roccoforte purchased Associated Barber College in 2002. The Roccoforte’s have many years of experience in the barber industry. They have fathers, uncles, brothers, sons and even a grandfather that are (were) barbers. Education in our industry are Mr. and Mrs. Roccoforte’s passions. They have kept the barber traditions as part of the current curriculum. As a student at Associated Barber College of San Diego, you will be prepared for the California State Board Barber Exam while learning the traditional barber techniques and skills.


  • Mr. Joseph J. Roccoforte – Director/CEO/CAO/Instructor/Barber
  • Mrs. Michelle MB Roccoforte – Associate Director/CFO/COO
  • Mrs. Martha Sanchez – Financial Aid Administrator
  • Ms. Janae Meyer – Admissions Administrator
  • Paula Alvarez, Attendance Administrator
  • Maria Pineda, Receptionist


Instructors are recruited based on their theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience in the barbering profession. Each instructor must have three years of experience in the working barber/cosmetology/health field to be qualified to teach. They are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of Barber Science and the Arts of Barbering, both theoretical and practical. The instructional staff includes:

Mr. Joseph J. Roccoforte – Mr. Roccoforte is licensed in the State of California as a barber in 1962. He is an alumni of Associated Barber College. He completed his barbering instructor course in 1973. Mr. Roccoforte is a second generation barber in San Diego. He has owned a barber school since 1975. He specializes in all aspects of barbering.

Mr. Leandro Gan – Mr. Gan has been a licensed barber by the State of California since 1983. He owns his own barber shop and a janitorial business. Mr. Gan has been an instructor since 1988 and specializes in haircutting and shaving. Mr. Gan speaks fluent Spanish and assists our students with Spanish speaking clientele.

Mr. Joshua Jackson – Mr. Jackson has been a California licensed barber since 2015. He is an alumni of our school. Besides haircutting, his specialty lies in helping fellow barbers to better themselves while working with clientele and barber skills. He can cut all types of hair but prides himself in the trendiest styles. Mr. Jackson is an amazing educator that shares our passion for barbering.

Mr. Justin Valenzuela – Mr. Valenzuela is a licensed barber since 2015. He is an alumni of our school. He has been employed by our school since he graduated as a Floor Manager. His specialty is theory education and State Board Preparation. Mr. Valenzuela is excellent with the student relations and can educate our students in all aspects of our trade.

Ms. Jen Gauna – Ms. Gauna is an award winning licensed barber. She is an alumni of our school and has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2014. Ms. Gauna is a veteran on the U.S. Navy. She has worked on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles with the Emmys, AMAs, and VMAs. Her specialties are short hair, shear work and color.

Are you ready to learn the time honored traditions of barbering?